Emilio León Martínez in FLECHA 2015

We are proud to announce that Emilio León Martinez, who participated in Heart Thinkers v2, is one of the selected artists for FLECHA 2015, with his digital works on Playmobil Clicks. His clicks combine the playground art movement with the digital art movement in order to express his view of the world, where nothing is what it looks like, because we are have a different “limited” view of reality. In a colorful and light-hearted way he is able to show us, the spectators, that our limitations come from our own perspective and view of the world. We are all inside our own fishbowl…and we can only become free of our own limited believes once we become aware of them. So here is Emilio’s work to help us a bit in this! Flecha is one of the most important Fairs of Contemporary Art in Spain. Take a look! And if you are in Madrid, don’t miss it (until 8th of March in Arturo Soria). 


FLECHA2105-Emilio León Martínez

FLECHA2105-Emilio León Martínez


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